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Auckland Family Dental is the affordable dentist Auckland can depend on, offering a range of high quality dental services at reasonable prices across dental clinics located in the North Shore, New Lynn and Drury. We strive to make all clients feel comfortable, explaining all processes being undertaken and even offering intravenous sedation if the client wishes.


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Crowns are used for the restoration and reinforcement of weakened tooth structure that are present in yellowed and decayed teeth. Crowns can improve the shape of the teeth and thus give you a more confident smile. Can be made of gold, porcelain or metal fused alloy.



Inlays and Onlays are a conservative alternative to full coverage dental crowns. Also known as indirect fillings, inlays and onlays offer a well-fitting, stronger, longer lasting reparative solution to tooth decay or similar damage. These restorations are beneficial from both an aesthetic and functional point of view.



Bored with your unattractive amalgam (metal) fillings? Get them replaced by the trusted team of Auckland Dentists at Drury Dental Centre. We offer tooth-coloured fillings for a more natural look. The amalgam fillings can be removed and replaced with tooth coloured fillings that are guaranteed realistic and aesthetic.



As your number one South Auckland dentist, we also provide bridges. These are dental appliances that we use to replace teeth by deriving support from the teeth on either side of the space created by missing teeth.



Dental implants are one of the latest treatment options available for teeth replacement.


As one of the top South Auckland Orthodontics, Drury Dental brings forth the most suitable treatment options that can enhance your smile. Dental crowns or veneers may not always be the most appropriate solution for crowding or other alignment irregularities. We tailor-fit our orthodontic procedures to best deal with your case. Our teeth straightening solutions include:

Ceramic braces
Removable orthodontic plates
Interproximal Recontouring


If you feel embarrassed due to your metallic smile, we can offer you clear brackets and braces that will merge with your tooth colour so that the braces are hardly conspicuous.
By modifying the shape of the teeth, the additional space attained can be utilized for tooth movement. So without any teeth pulling, your teeth get aligned correctly.


The Invisalign aligners are mouth guards made out of clear and transparent material. It is the hygienic alternative to getting braces which helps your teenager or yourself to develop a correct bite and healthy, happy smile – the right way! With the aid of advanced 3D imaging software, Invisalign also makes it possible for you and your teenage son or daughter to view the final results before you even get started.



As your go-to South Auckland Dentist, we offer you all kinds of procedures that fall under the category of General Dentistry.

Scale and Clean
Deep Clean for Gum disease
Wisdom Teeth Extractions 
Root Canal Treatment



Too scared to come to the dentist? We understand. That’s why we are offering sedation to provide you with a relaxing and anxiety-free experience at the dentist. We offer: 

Oral Sedation 
Intravenous (IV) Sedation



We specialize in providing immediate dentures - a denture is inserted straight after the extraction of teeth to keep your smile beautiful.



Dentures or false teeth are constructed to replace missing teeth and are supported by gum tissue. Dentures are custom-made to fit your mouth, so they take on the appearance of your natural teeth. Getting your great smile back is easy – our clinical dental technician will work with your dentist to create new or replacement dentures.



Veneers (laminates) are thin, tooth-coloured shells that are crafted and shaped to bond to the front of your teeth. They can be used instead of a crown if your tooth is strong and healthy. Veneers are excellent for treating chipped or discoloured teeth and will instantly give you a spectacular smile. They can also be used to eliminate gaps between the teeth.
Treatment involves removal of a thin layer from your tooth and an impression being taken. Two or three visits to your clinician are necessary and an appointment typically takes between one and two hours. If you follow a good oral-hygiene routine, your veneers will be with you for a long period of time.