Can your favorite drink harm your teeth?

Drink is the main solution to satisfy thirst whether it is coffee juice, wine or water.

Despite of the satisfaction it leaves you, have you ever thought it can damage your teeth?

Here are some facts you may want to consider when choosing your drink.

Wine - Wines are acidic and some of it contains high sugar level which causes a potential damage on the enamel of the tooth.

Water is the safest drink you can have. Proper hydration can stimulate saliva production which prevents tooth decay.Coffee. Anything in excess can harm your teeth. One cup of coffee a day will not cause any harm to your teeth provided it’s sugar free.

Milk is not just good for your bones, it’s also good for your teeth. It is full of vitamins and minerals that can make your teeth strong and prevent from decaying.

Fruit juice. Commercial fruit juice are usually acidic and high in sugar which can potentially damage your tooth enamel. Try to limit your consumption or you can dilute a concentrated juice to lessen its impact to your teeth.

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