Here at the Dentist Auckland NZ group, we understand that finding a family dentist your child trusts isn't easy. That's why we offer a kids service. 

Children often feel uncomfortable and apprehensive when a dental appointment looms and will try anything to get out of it. We strive to make children feel as comfortable and secure as possible, treating them with respect and reassuring them about the procedures being undertaken.

Our Paediatric Dentist is available at all our clinics, we are giving children a calming and caring dental visit. He is an expert in dental care for children and can use nitrous oxide and oral /IV sedation. 

Early childhood dentistry is a crucial part in any person’s journey to better dental health as it affects their overall oral health even as they grow older. Auckland Family Dental believes that with the help of our dentist, Kiwi kids can have better access to early childhood dentistry so that their primary teeth (more commonly known as baby teeth) grow properly and are adequately protected.

Should you be having trouble getting your child to the dentist bring them into one of our friendly dental clinics and let us show you why we consider ourselves to be the best dentist for children Auckland wide.

We provide dental services across Auckland.