At Auckland Dentist group we have a team of experienced Hygienists who provide exceptional quality care for our patients. 

Most people don’t realize the importance of having regular hygiene visits. Plaque and bacteria can accumulate down below the gumline where the toothbrush and floss don’t access. Over time, that plaque can mineralize into tartar and can cause gum disease and tooth decay if left untreated. Some signs to look for are:

Bleeding gums

Swollen and inflamed gums

Loose Teeth

Receding Gums

Bad Breath


Our Dental Hygienists offer:

Thorough therapeutic treatment including scaling and rootplaning, and comprehensive periodontal debridebment. We can apply fluoride treatments to remineralize teeth and aid in preventing decay.


We offer a wide range of prevention aids such as brushes, floss, gels and mouthwashes and take time to educate our patients on the best way to keep their teeth and gums healthy. We have a continuing care program providing preventative maintenance for both adults and children.

We are also able to offer our clients Zoom Whitening, a teeth whitening system that sees results in as little as 1 hour.

For patients who may experience sensitivity, our Hygienists are happy to discuss problem areas and provide a solution to ensure that you are comfortable at all times during your appointment.

How often should I see my hygienist?

We usually recommend having a thorough teeth cleaning with a hygienist twice a year, but some patients with more advanced stages of gum disease may need to come every 3 to 4 months. Your hygienist will be able to assess and advise you on how often you should be seeing a hygienist at your initial appointment.

What will my Dental Hygienist do?

Your dental hygienist will do a general periodontal examination of your mouth to assess the overall health of your gums and to look for signs of periodontal disease.

She will then do a thorough clean, scale and polish. The scaling will be done with the latest ultrasonic scaling technology, followed by hand instrumentation. This process removes any plaque and tartar deposits from above and below the gumline. Once the plaque is removed, your teeth will be polished leaving them feeling smooth and clean.

At the end of the appointment your hygienist will then show you the areas of concern and show you how to care for your teeth at home and will recommend the correct products to use.

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease is a more advanced stage of gum disease. When plaque and bacteria accumulate below the gumline for a long period of time, this bacteria irritates the gum tissues. You may notice your gums may appear red, swollen and bleed easily. Over time, that bacteria can actually cause the bone tissues around the tooth to pull away from the tooth causing periodontal disease. Once we lose the bone tissue, we cannot get it to grow back again. If we lose enough bone tissue eventually the tooth can become loose and we can end up losing the tooth. Gum disease is actually the number 1 cause of tooth loss, and most people don’t realize they have it because it usually doesn’t cause any pain. Periodontal disease can be treated by having thorough scaling and removal of all the plaque and tartar deposits above and below the gumline. Unfortunately we cannot get the bone tissues to regenerate themselves but we can prevent them from getting worse by having routine hygiene visits, and by teaching you good homecare techniques to effectively clean your teeth. We always ensure that our patients are comfortable during these procedures and are able to offer numbing gel as well as local anaesthetic. Adequate pain prevention will be discussed with you at your appointment.