Dentist Auckland NZ has become a 

well-established group of dental clinics due to the superior services they provides in general dentistry including dental crowns, dental veneers, fillings and tooth extraction Auckland wide.  

Dr Kav and his team are highly experienced professionals. Their intellect and flair can be seen in the superior technique that they employ to make your smile impressive and sparkling.


The Dentist Auckland NZ group has proved itself to be among the best in Auckland over the last 25 years. The ambience at the clinics has been set by considering your comfort and welfare.  Our dental and surgical procedures are up-to-date and ultramodern so that you can benefit the most from them.

Dentist Auckland Group provides you with all these services which include:

White fillings



Porcelain fillings

Gold restorations

Root canals

Tooth removal

Plates for grinding


Oral health

Gum treatment

Hygiene treatments

Snore guards

Fissure sealants


Amalgam filling removal

Paediatric dentistry (dentistry for children)


Chipped Tooth Case Study

Here is a 12 year old boy who broke his front tooth while playing rugby. The chipped-off tooth hampers his smile.

The Answer: The chipped-off piece was built up by Composite bonding in a single sitting.

The dentist who did this procedure with utmost excellence: Dr Sue Bell of Drury Dental.

Good oral health is maintained only if we believe in the principle of prevention before it gets worse. We strive to retain the healthy tooth as much as possible and remove just the infected part.

Our custom-made treatment plans help you understand and learn few simple steps which when included in your daily routine, will keep your teeth strong and cavity-free and your pocket happy due to low dental payments.

You will be amazed to learn that slight alterations in your usual brushing and flossing routine can work wonders in your oral health.  You can get all this information within the first visit. So if you want to have a wonderful smile and sparkling pearly whites, you are just a call away!