Auckland Cosmetic Dentistry

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry Auckland wide, look no further than the friendly team at the Dentist Auckland NZ group. We have clinics in three locations across Auckland.

In addition to routine dental procedures, we specialise in cosmetic dental work such as teeth whitening & smile reconstruction and are continually striving to keep up with the latest innovations in the field. This approach allows us to offer you the most up-to-date services and in turn, achieve the best results.

With dental clinics located across the Auckland region including Drury Dental, Milford Family Dental in the North Shore and New Lynn Dental Care in New Lynn, no matter where you are we have a dentist close by. For more information regarding the services we offer, give us a call on 0800 2825 69 and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

Dentist Auckland NZ – The Cosmetic Dentist Auckland can trust.

At Dentist Auckland Group, we deal with:

  •     Smile Makeovers
  •     Veneers
  •     Ceramic crowns
  •     Composite bonding
  •     Re-contouring
  •     Teeth whitening
  •     Extreme Smile Makeover



Smile Make Over Auckland DentistSmile Makeovers

Your Smile Makeover

If you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. Do you have the confidence of owning a beautiful smile? Or does your smile make you shy to face the camera or the outside world?

A good smile is very important to have an attractive personality. You can win the hearts of many if you have a good smile. If missing, broken, chipped or crooked teeth make your smile shabby, you will always have a low feeling about yourself. This can have a deleterious effect on your overall performance. You need not live with your imperfections.

Our team at Dentist Auckland have the latest technology and know the leading techniques to give you that perfect smile.  It can be as simple as cleaning and polishing or whitening the teeth to more complex work with veneers or crowns to make your teeth cosmetically appealing.

In the first session with one of our dentists, a thorough examination and evaluation of your teeth will be done.  Xrays and photographs may also be taken. A treatment plan with all options and associated costs will be presented to you so that you can make the decision thats right for you. 


Veneers are thin layers of tooth coloured material that are used to conceal discolorations on teeth, modify the shape of teeth or rectify gaps in between teeth. Only a small amount of tooth material is drilled off to roughen the surface. The veneer is glued to the teeth and your teeth become brighter and better!



Veneers Case Study

One of our clients, a 35 year old female patient had chipped off teeth with blackish discoloration. She felt quite low because of her teeth. She was anxious about the procedure, but was relaxed due to our dentists tender approach.

 Veneers auckland Case Study BeforeVeneers auckland Case Study after



Dental crowns are used to strengthen and restore teeth that are decayed, disintegrated or broken. A crown is a strong material made of either porcelain or ceramic that covers the tooth providing strength and stability to the tooth. At Dentist Auckland group based in Milford, we offer Cerec Same Day Crown technology. A digital scan allows us to take a virtual impression of the tooth and have the crown made in our office and fit on the same day. For patient comfort and ease, we offer the latest inovative Cerec Crown technology.


Crowns Case Study

This patient presented to our practice in Drury wanting a smile makeover. She was women in her early 40s and feeling self concious and unhappy with the current appearance of her teeth. Dr. Kav Naidoo was able to tranform her smile with the placement of 4 crowns and veneers on her upper front teeth. Here is a look at her before and after photos. 


Dental Crowns Before

Dental Crowns After

She now has a smile she is proud of. To tranform your smile, contact our team today on  0800 282 569  to make an appointment. We hope to get you smiling too!